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How we work

Work Process:

For those of you who have worked with us,  you know we work "iteratively" (little bits).

For example:

  1. You call us up and ask our opinion (consultations are free)

  2. We might agree that I will spend a few hours and mock up a prototype.

  3. We send the prototype to you and we walk through it together.

  4. We come up with refinements.

  5. We send the refined prototype to you and we walk through it together. etc.

And so on.  Each step of the way we give you an estimate of hours.  At the beginning of a project we will give you a rough estimate of the entire project. (but you are not committed to that)   You can stop at any point, so that in the end, you've accomplished a lot for very little of your time and money.


It's affordable, low risk, extra help when you need it.


  •     We charge a reasonable hourly rate. (in 15 minute intervals)

  •     We only charge for actual computer work, not phone calls or emails, or consultations.

  •     We are good at what we do, so we're fast.

  •     This makes it very economical to utilize us on a regular basis.


Project Capping:

To help you with budgeting, we can also set an hour "Cap" on a project.  The understanding is that the project is not to exceed that "Cap".  If it appears, during a project, that we will meet or exceed that Cap, we will discuss less expensive alternatives to achieve our goals and insure we stay under budget.

Bottom Line:

  • We don't lock you in an inflated job quote.  You get what you pay for. 

  • Every attempt is made to have each project completed as cost-effectively as possible. 

  • You can stop a project or change directions at any time.

  • We work like an addition to your staff.  (We're here when you need us)